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Microcontroller Cufflinks



Now available in a larger size than before, these swank cufflinks are made from two matching black microcontrollers. Classy and subtly nerdy at the same time, they measure 11/16″ x 11/16″ (1.7 x 1.7 mm).

They are packaged in a silver anti-static bag on black anti-static foam with a yellow label resembling a static sensitive sticker.

$35.00 / $45.00

[Buy from Fractalspin]


Terminal Necklace

This minimal necklace is made from wire-insulation-type material (black rubber tubing) and electrical ring terminals. The stretchy rubber provides comfortable wearability–perfect for casual dress, or as a subtle accent at work–with the low-key geek-detailing at the clasp. Packaged in an anti-static bag.